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Painting, Digital Photography and Fashionable Installation

You will find all the different art work under "Products", available for viewing, inquiry and sale. The different "services" offer you more possibilities of creation.


These paintings are very different, not only in the topics they display, but also in the way they were created. Some of them are actual oil painting on canvas, presented on wooden frames as scrolls. Some of them are composed of layers of fabrics, serving as a base for the oil to be applied. Some are huge backdrops, build for inspiration and texture.


These raw photographs of nature have been capture through different European, American and Asian sceneries. They are both raw and suggestive, as well as offer a different look on the beautiful world that surrounds us.

Digital Photography

These are a selection of digital images created through a series of computerized operations, some look almost like mosaic works, other escape the imagination. The result is both decorative and symbolic, and respond to various atmospheres and taste.

Fashionable Installation

These fashionable installations have been inspired by different textures and random elements found throughout different surroundings in nature. They are meant to be an homage to legends' heroes and heroines with a pinch of seduction and humor. Most of these works are not for sale, as they are an exploration into new boundaries of different and collective media, seen here for your enjoyment.


These artworks are composed of miscellaneous techniques and materials, such as ink and pencil drawings, clay and bronze sculptures. And.. this is me hard at work!

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