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Painting, Digital Photography and Fashionable Installation




I like searching for ways to discover new combinations of various art forms and media. The work that I prefer to do is to respond to a person's personal imagery, based on their own wants and needs. Everyone has an artistic spark that I can find, focus and mold into an art work, be it a painting, a framed photograph or event a sculpted object that will fill that person space at home, the office or a special occasion. Sometimes, all you need is a color, a texture or a loved one.

Let me know if any of the works showed here please you, or if you would like something created to your own specifications.


Mainly oils and acrylic, paintings range in sizes and topics, from more abstract and evocative work to landscapes and portraits.

Digital Photography

Photographs can come framed or not, and dimensions can be adjusted to your specifications. Some photographs depicts textures and landscape, and some are digitally worked on to create more inspiring images.

Fashionable Installation

A background in fashion and costume designing for the stage led to this innovating type of art, creating 3 dimensions pieces that can be made of clay, bronze or other found materials.


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